Cloud mobile testing involves using different cloud services, which helps in developing the highly scalable test infrastructure. It is a popular test infrastructure based on the cloud that is responsible for hosting different actual devices and emulators.

Such emulators and devices are available for other individuals and teams 24×7 to test other mobile and website apps across the world on various platforms, browsers, and handsets. With cloud mobile testing, you need to remove the requirements to maintain and develop the mobile devices lab.

It means that the software testing team does not worry about investigating the significant capital for the setting, updating, and maintaining the lab with different Apple and Android Handsets.

Mobile cloud testing has become the need of the hour as it provides a budget-friendly solution, primarily for business enterprises. Cloud mobile testing provides a suitable choice to execute parallel tests for different mobile devices simultaneously. This kind of testing helps in testing other websites and applications across various cross platform mobile devices.

Mobile app testing Services offer access to the actual device, which offers a helping hand to the software testing team in finding crucial errors and bugs in no time.

In this article, you will learn the different benefits of cloud mobile application testing.

Helps in performing performance testing

Cloud mobile application testing offers a helping hand in offering performance testing. By adopting such an approach, the servers will be successful in spinning a plethora of virtual users in no time. Businesses will be capable of scheduling the time for the test.

After this, the resources get provisioned automatically. With the increase of different open source tools, mobile application testing offers suitable savings to ensure quality once it is combined with the different cloud-based load providers.

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Apart from this, cloud-based mobile application testing offers the diagnosis of various performance-related problems. They provide detailed diagnostics to the software teams. It helps in pinpointing the problem location and nature so that they can be resolved in no time.

Supporting the Agile Development

Agile development is the concept in which different cross-functional teams get involved during the development process. Here, the cloud mobile application testing provides empowerment to each member with various tools at the fingertips, irrespective of their location.

You need to remember that cloud-based mobile application testing plays an integral role in reducing time to market. A wide assortment of cloud-based test management tools is available in the market, ensuring flexibility and agility. It allows you to change and adapt the direction in no time, thereby offering a competitive edge.


There is a specific team, which works on the different cloud-based test management platforms. You are sure to procure 24hours support as you opt for cloud mobile app testing. There are many cloud-based tools, which help reduce the IT management tasks, which are inherent to different traditional tools, such as licensing, installation, replacement, and addition of the users.

It helps in the implementation of additional upgrades in other systems across various geo graphics. With the reduced IT management, the employees will be capable of emphasizing different core activities, which are going to make a significant difference to the business of the company.

Prioritizing the use of the devices

Cloud mobile application testing enhances the efficiency with the prioritizing of the device. The centralized database provides the power to the device manager for reassigning and assigning different devices, to the specific testers.

24×7 Availability

The cloud mobile is the one in which the central server gets connected to a plethora of services, present at any place. So, the potential user will be connected to the user, after which you can select the device, which should be used for testing the application.

Cloud mobile testing services offer a suitable choice for performing different automated test scripts on various geo-located machines with multiple time zones. So, you will encounter 24-hour availability to execute the tests.

Enhanced efficiency

During emergency releases, you need to give priority to the test bed, after which you need to execute the scripts. It is possible to achieve the results in no time, as you opt for cloud mobile testing services. It is useful in enhancing efficiency, thereby offering a smooth functioning application.

Continuous integration

Cloud mobile testing helps verify the application’s functionality and stability, thereby saving an ample amount of time. The cloud mobile testing services are recognized to be a suitable option to facilitate continuous integration.

An ideal choice for Agile Methodology

Agile is known to function on different cross-functional teams. It is known to work parallelly, thereby working on the step by step basis. Through cloud mobile testing services, every tester gets empowered with different resources, irrespective of the location at once. Here, the resources get allocated parallelly.

It saves ample time

Cloud mobile testing offers a suitable choice to execute a plethora of scenarios against a plethora of operating systems. Also, it is useful in saving an ample amount of time. It is known to cover about 20, 00,000 scenarios at once.

A wide assortment of tools is available in the market, which offers a suitable choice in providing cloud mobile testing. Few of these tools are inclusive of Kobiton, Firebase Test Lab for Android, AWS Device Farm, Sauce Labs, Perfecto, to name a few. Choosing cloud mobile testing depends on the application’s objective and budget. It depends on the market and the user segmentation to which the application caters to.


Cloud mobile application testing provides the suitable choice to test the applications and websites on different real devices. It offers a helping hand to the Quality Assurance teams in monitoring how the specific software is behaving in other real user conditions.

Cloud mobile application testing is a budget-friendly solution. It is the suitable choice for software teams for testing different websites and applications on a plethora of mobile devices in real-time.