Performance testing is an important part of software development. It’s one of the many “black boxes” you have to test when you build software.

You need to make sure your software works as expected, and that it doesn’t have any bugs. Performance testing plays a key role in your software development lifecycle. It can catch performance issues as they happen, and help you fix them before your software causes performance problems for your users.

Here’s why you need performance testing, and which vendors provide top-notch performance testing services.

What is Performance Testing?

Performance Testing also knows as ‘Perf Testing’, is a type of testing performed to check how application or software performs under workload in terms of responsiveness and stability. The Performance Test goal is to identify and remove performance bottlenecks from an application.

This test is mainly performed to check whether the software meets the expected requirements for application speed, scalability, and stability. 

Why Is It Necessary?

Performance testing is necessary because no code is perfect. Every line of code has bugs and anomalies that can affect performance. When you’re coding, you might notice an inefficient pattern or a minor bug.

You might also notice a more serious problem with your program’s performance. If you don’t have performance testing in your development process, you could experience these problems: Inconsistent performance – Your users might experience choppy or poor performance when using your software. This could affect the way they interact with your app.

– Your users might experience choppy or poor performance when using your software. This could affect the way they interact with your app. Unexpected behavior – Your users might experience odd behavior when using your software. This could prevent them from completing tasks or even cause them to become frustrated while using your app.

Benefits of Performance Testing

There are many benefits of performance testing, including: Better app performance – You can use performance testing to identify performance bottlenecks in your app. This helps you optimize your app to run smoothly.

– Increased user satisfaction – Users will be more satisfied with your app if it runs smoothly. They will spend more time using your app and interacting with your brand.

– Less user complaints – User complaints tend to rise during peak times. You can use performance testing to anticipate these problems and address them ahead of time.

How to Create a Performance Test

There are a few steps involved in performance testing:

Define the performance test – To get started, you need to decide what performance metrics you’ll measure. This will help you focus your testing efforts.

– Create the script or test – Next, you’ll need to create a script or test to measure your metrics. This can be a software or web application test. Your script or test should contain actions and expected outcomes.

– Run the test – Once you have your script or test, you can run it against your SUT. This might be a virtual machine, physical machine, or a setup of your choosing.

Top 10 Performance Testing Companies

If you’re looking for performance testing services, we recommend these vendors as leaders in the field:

  • Indium Software
  • Infosys
  • Mindful QA
  • QualityLogic
  • Tech Mahindra
  • A1QA
  • Cybage
  • Microexcel
  • QA Mentor

Indium Software

Indium Software: Providing customer-centric high-quality technology solutions that deliver business value.

Indium is a global leader in Performance testing services with over Two decades of experience. They offer load and performance testing services to check the performance of your next-gen applications, databases, networks, and website servers. A process-oriented approach with a client-first attitude has kept Indium ahead of its competitors.

Indium Software’s performance testing services cover stress testing, spike, and synchronization testing, performance tuning and diagnostics, performance benchmarking, and more.

Best for Global enterprises, SMEs, and product companies looking to ensure their software is stable, swift, and scalable.

Headquarters: Cupertino, CA
Founded: 1999
Company size: 1100+

Core Services: Cloud-based performance testing, load testing, endurance testing, agile performance testing, stress testing, scalability testing, spike testing, volume testing, soak and reliability testing, etc.

Service Packages: Get a Quote for pricing details.


Infosys is an IT company that has a highly professional engineers to provide performance engineering service. It is one of the best performance testing companies in India that helps you to adopt agile or DevOps in your business. This organization utilizes technologies to overcome performance testing challenges and deliver a future proof system.

  • Founded: 1981
  • Headquarter: India
  • No. of Employees: 2,42,371
  • Services: Application development, security testing, AI, and Blockchain
  • Prominent Clients: ICICI Bank, Daimler Mercedes-Benz, HSBC BANK, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, Jhonson and Jhonson, American Management Systems, and more.

Mindful QA

This QA software testing company was founded in 2018 is based in USA. They do not require high minimum or long-term contracts. They are one of the best software testing services. Most of the testers at Mindful QA have an average experience of more than 5 years. Their aim is to provide award-winning software testing services. It makes the QA testing process, right from the beginning till the end.

This ethical QA company offers reliable and agile testing. It has more than twenty years of experience in software testing and was named “Top 50 Tech Visionary of 2019”.

  • Major clients − Google, Microsoft, Intel, Volkswagen, Discovery, Taco Bell, Pearson, AutoCAD
  • Services − Automated, mobile, website, manual, performance, API, user experience testing, agile consulting, QA recruitment services


QualityLogic – Based in Boise, Idaho, with 35+ years of software testing experience, QualityLogic understands software and what it takes to ensure the best user experience. Their priority for testing performance is integrating into the process as early as possible to make sure the site functions seamlessly at every level.

QualityLogic verifies your site’s performance at several load levels, both less than and above its design, by creating tens of thousands of virtual users to simulate different loads. They will test at the user interface and at the API call level documenting anomalies and degradations while coordinating with your IT group from beginning to end.

Headquarters: Boise, Idaho
Founded: 1986
Employees: 51-200 employees
Locations: Idaho, California, and Oklahoma City
Revenue: $5-$10 Million
Core Services: Functional testing, Load & performance testing, Regression testing, Test Automation services, Exploratory testing, etc.
Other Services: QA Test tools, Test & technology training, WCAG Compliance Testing & Certification, etc.
Clients: AT&T, SMUD, Verizon Wireless, Adobe, Hewlett Packard, etc.

Service Cost/Packages: Contact them for pricing.

Tech Mahindra

Tech Mahindra is a performance testing service provider having detailed experience of analyzing the functionality of any software. It provides you a realistic view of application performance as same as a live system. The organization focuses to assure the performance, availability, scalability, and reliability aspects. It offers innovative IT experience to the customers.

  • Founded: 1986
  • Headquarter: India
  • No. of Employees: 10,001+
  • Services: Testing Services, Infrastructure and Cloud Services, Integrated Engineering Solutions, Enterprise Business Solution, Data Analytics, Network Services, Cyber Security, Business Process Services.
  • Prominent Clients: Box Inc, MIT


This company offers a wide range of software testing services. It supports a wide range of platforms and systems like web, mobile, CRM, IoT, blockchain, and many more. It offers its clients a great and hassle-free software testing solution. It is best for those who want to test the functionality, security, compatibility, usability and performance of the software.

It is based in USA and was established in 2003. Currently, it has around 500-1000 employees. It offers result-oriented QA services, full-cycle testing and special teams for short- and long-term projects.

They are expert in providing innovative testing solutions and QA services −

  • Full-cycle testing − They offer complete QA support; QA consulting to test automation.
  • Complete test coverage − They also perform specific testing types like performance, cybersecurity, compatibility testing, regression testing, etc.
  • Quality engineering − Their dedicated software testing team seamlessly integrates QA processes with the client’s infrastructure and adapts to their methodologies and techniques with agile, continuous testing.
  • System and platform testing − Their testers are highly experienced in testing solutions of various business logic complexity; web, mobile, blockchain, IoT, cloud, etc.
  • Major clients − Adidas, Pearson, Sword, Croc, Expedia, Kaspersky, Genesys
  • Services − Full-cycle testing, systems and platforms, QA engineering


This company was founded in 1987 and is based in India. They are the best in offering software testing services and QA testing. They aim at improving the quality of each project. They have streamlined manual and automated testing practices to help keep the software bug-free.

They help create test plan and test cases for complex projects, easily. They have a skilled testing team to help achieve business objectives. They help achieve all our requirements by testing the software’s performance across multiple devices and platforms. They use a variety of bug tracking, functional and performance testing tools.

  • Features − Document management, e-mail integration, client database, live chat system, billing and invoicing, automated routing, contract management, ticket and help desk management, issue tracking, online forums, problem management, SLA management
  • Services − EMBS, Flickkey LLC, SrcForce
  • Major clients − Automated, manual, desktop applications, web applications, mobile applications testing


Cybage is a software company that provides performance testing services to address critical application behavior. It offers quality assurance based on various app dimensions like SLAs, platforms, sub-components, platforms, etc.

This software tester company uses a wide range of tools for lead generation, service monitoring, and page analysis. It has expertise in building an on-demand performance testing platform using open-source software and cloud services. Cybage works on large platforms including Java, Windows, LAMP, and mobile.

  • Founded: 1995.
  • Headquarters: India.
  • Employees: 6,100.
  • Software Testing Services: Automation, Globalization, Mobile, Performance Testing, QA Processes, Security, SOA, Test Lab
  • Prominent Clients: 123Insight Limited, Transics International, Fairmont Raffles Hotel International, AthenaHealth Inc, iCrossing Inc, TravelClick.


Microexcel is a software company that offers comprehensive and innovative solutions and services for performance testing. The company has deep business process and industry expertise. This company is available 24/7 to avail services to the clients.

Microexcel helps you to manage the workforce to maximize your productivity. It offers on-demand software architects and performance analysts to improve your software performance.

  • Founded: 2001
  • Headquarter: USA
  • No. of Employees: 1500
  • Services: Performance Advisory Services, Performance Testing, Capacity Planning, Benchmarking, Performance Engineering and Sizing, and Performance Monitoring
  • Major Clients: Global IT. IS Fortune, Lovino Enterprise, Cornerz.

QA Mentor

QA Mentor – CMMI appraised, ISO Certified, multi-award-winning New York based QA Company

24 Performance Engineers utilizing performance testing tools such as Jmeter, Blazemeter, NeoLoad, Octoper, Load Complete, LoadRunner ready to support your load and performance testing activities on-demand.

Best for Start-ups, digital agencies, product companies.

Headquarter: New York
Founded in: 2010
Company size: 200-500
Revenue: 6 million
Prominent Clients: Citi, HSBC, Morgan Stanley, Experian, BOSCH, Aetna and many more.

Core Services: Automated Testing, Manual Testing, Mobile App Testing, Website Testing, Crowdsourcing Testing, API Testing, Blockchain Testing, IoT Testing, Machine Learning &AI Testing, Performance Testing, User Acceptance Testing, User Experience, QA Audit, QA Transformation, Agile and DEVOPS Consulting, QA Training,

Service Cost/packages: On-demand models with no minimum reserved hours requirements and flexible cost model including cost per automation script. Performance Testing prices start from $19 per hour.