Penetration testing is considered to be an indispensable part of the security verification process. Also referred to as Pen Testing, Penetration Testing is on the tool within the testing circle.

Though every business understands that it is impossible for them to make the systems completely secure, it is very interesting to understand the type of security problems. This is when the Pen Testing becomes effective. As you read this article, you can understand what is penetration testing and the tools:

What is penetration testing?

Also known as the pen testing, penetration testing services contributes to being the simulated cyber attack, in which the ethical hackers will break into different corporate networks to find different weaknesses. This kind of testing plays an integral role in reaping the benefits of different security vulnerabilities within a computer app. Such experts are known to facilitate penetration testing with the simulation of real-world attacks by different criminal hackers.

In the beginning, the penetration testers should seek information about different computer systems, which you need to breach. Then, they can make the right use of software tools set to find different vulnerabilities.

In addition to this, penetration testing involves the detection of hacking threats in social engineering. The penetration tester seeks access to the system by tricking the organization member into offering access.

In addition to this, it offers the test results to the business enterprise, which are responsible for the implementation of the changes, which are known to mitigate and resolve different vulnerabilities.

Kinds of penetration Tests

There are primarily three different kinds of penetration tests: the Blind Tests, White Box Tests, Double-Blind Tests, Internal Tests, and External Tests, to name a few.

The white box test is referred to as the test in which the business enterprise offers a plethora of security information to the penetration testers. It is useful in finding a variety of vulnerabilities.

Speaking of the black-box test, the business enterprise offers the penetration testers information about the specific system which needs to be penetrated. The ultimate objective is the exposure of different vulnerabilities, which are not detected otherwise.

Also referred to as a covert test, the double-blind test is the test in the different enterprises that offer security information to the penetration testers. The internal tests are considered to be the ones in which the penetration testing occurs within the business enterprise premises.

Such tests are known to focus on different security vulnerabilities so that cyber criminals present in the business enterprise cannot take advantage of them. The external tests are considered the tests in which the testers try to find different vulnerabilities remotely.

Kinds of penetration testing tools

In this write-up, you can seek information about the different types of penetration testing tools, which include:


It is recognized as one of the leading penetration testing tools, which provides the suitable choice to quickly interpret and capture different network packets. It is considered to be an open-source tool that is available for different systems. This tool provides the capabilities to detect the smallest details for the activities across the network. It is known to capture the data packets, which provide the suitable option to explore different traits. This tool offers different live-capture and offline analysis options.


It is recognized as one of the leading penetration testing tools that can recognize everything, ranging from SQL injection to cross-site scripting. So, the software developer can make the right use of this tool on a variety of web apps, web services, and websites. This system is known to be immensely powerful. It is useful in scanning about 500-1000 apps at once.

In addition to this, it provides the opportunity to personalize the security scan with different URL rewrite rules, authentication, and different attack options. This tool boasts proof-based scanning technology, which ensures accurate detection. Furthermore, this tool features automatic scanning, which assures that the limited setup is a must. Apart from this, this tool helps in scanning a variety of web apps in no time.


It is one of the leading penetration testing tools, which helps find and fix critical vulnerabilities. It is equipped with the hacker-powered security platform, which ensures that you do not require waiting for the report to find different vulnerabilities.

In addition to this, it provides alerts as the vulnerabilities get found. Moreover, this tool provides the prerequisite option to communicate with the team directly through the use of the tools. In addition to this, it offers integration with different products, such as Jira, GitHub.

BreachLock Inc

It is recognized to be one of the best in class penetration testing tools, which helps release the scans for different vulnerabilities. It boasts of the chrome-based plugin to record different login sessions. This tool helps in living, scheduling and running the scans in no time.

It is beneficial in scanning the real-time results. This tool is effective in offering real-time results. Besides this, it is useful in integrating into different CI/CD tools, such as JIRA, Jenkins, Trello, Slack, to name a few.


It is one of the best-in-class penetration testing tools, which boasts of the penetration testing automation framework. It is useful to the professional team in managing and verifying different security assessments. In addition to this, it is useful in bringing an improvement in awareness.

Apart from this, it is helpful to check the security. Other than this, it is effective in pinpointing different flaws, thereby setting the defense. This tool provides the suitable opportunity to the network administrator to break in and recognizing different fatal weak points.

It is a popular tool, which helps in the replication of sites for different social engineers. This user-friendly penetration testing tool boasts of command line and GUI clickable interface. You can make the right use of this tool for exploring different vulnerabilities in the infrastructure. You can use it on different applications, networks, and servers.

Choosing the prerequisite penetration testing software does not need to be overwhelming anymore. You are sure to reap a lot of benefits as you opt for either of the penetration as mentioned above testing tools.