If the predictions made by Cybersecurity Ventures are correct, then cybercrime will inflict damages amounting to USD 6 trillion globally in 2021, which would be more than the economy of every country in the world bar the U.S. and China., which would be more than the economy of every country in the world bar the U.S. and China.

In this modern-day and age, where everything is online, it has become difficult to ensure that all our data remains safe.

Malicious parties present all around the world are looking for a vulnerability in our systems. By using these vulnerabilities hackers can take away all our money and even our entire identities to use them for illegal activities.

Cybersecurity experts forecast that the global cybercrime rate will grow at a CAGR of 15% per year annum in the next five years, amounting to USD 10.5 trillion annually by 2025. This growth in investment certainly means that these astronomical numbers will only go higher in the upcoming years.

The only way to escape the talons of these malicious parties is to fortify your security to ensure that all their attempts fail. This fortification can be done by acquiring the services of security testing providers.

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To understand the purview of the services of security testing providers, we must first understand what security testing means. 

What is Security Testing?

Security testing is a process where an application is put through a series of tests to find out any vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities can then be patched so that a hacker cannot take advantage of them.

It is more fruitful to conduct these tests during the software development life cycle (SLDC) so that they can be found out at the initial stage.

Security testing is critical for apps that store user’s private information such as their address, their financial details, etc. Security testing ensures that all this data remains secured and protected without hampering the functionality of the application.

In practice, even if the user has to enter personal information such as their email address, this might seem like an insignificant piece of information, but it can still be exploited. An application needs to be vetted properly to ensure that no leaks are there in its security.

The most common method to assess the security of an application is penetration testing.

Why is Penetration Testing the most common method used during security testing?

Penetration testing is a part of security testing, in this process a software testing company simulates a cyberattack on an application to find out all the vulnerabilities and to evaluate the security of the system. 

This is why penetration testing is considered to be the most commonly used method during security testing.

Some other rudimentary security tests are enough to ensure that your application is more secured than 90% of the available applications.


This test ensures that the information provided by the user stays concealed from anyone else other than the intended recipient.


This test ensures that all the information exchanged between the two parties involved during a transaction is correct.


This testing involves authenticating the genuineness of the user and the seller. This process involves tracing the product from the time it is packaged to the time it is delivered at the doorstep of the buyer.


This test ensures that the information and data you present on your application are ready at any time for users to access.


This test ensures that any user on your website who is doing business or taking action has permission to do so.


This test ensures that neither the sender of the receiver can deny that the exchange of goods and service happened.

Security testing is Critical in your Application Testing Strategy

As you can ascertain from the information provided above, security testing is essential in your application testing strategy.

There is a plethora of applications on the internet that employ minimal security or no security measures. The data present on these applications is targeted by hackers on an everyday basis. This lack of security only reduces the confidence of the user in your application, thus reducing the number of purchases. Not having a fortified application is not only harmful to the user, but it can also mean a loss of income on your part. 

Creating a security testing strategy where the application is tested during the SDLC ensures that you save money, as testing after the application has been released is almost ten times more expensive.

A company that doesn’t have a dedicated testing team needs to outsource its testing efforts. This is where a security testing provider comes into the picture. Software testing services ensure that all your data stays protected against any malicious party on the internet. By employing the services, you keep your company and your customers as far away from hackers as possible.